What Are Some of the Causes of Allergies?

grandparents, kids, grandkidsAllergies have a strong genetic component.   This is the propensity for allergic tendencies to be passed down generationally, often surfacing in differing and varying ways.  Family members may be allergic to different substances or to the same substance but can react differently.

Allergies can be caused by emotions.  When under extreme duress the central nervous system may interpret the stress as having been caused by a food, chemical or benign substance and begin reacting to that item, from then on.

Toxins are another cause of allergies.  We live in a toxic world.  The air we breathe, food we eat, buildinContamination of a Lakegs we live in, clothing we wear, and chemicals we use on our bodies are just a few of the toxins that we are exposed to.  As our world becomes more toxic and our food more processed, containing thousands of ever changing chemicals, allergic reactions continue to rise.

Grocery shopping cartPesticides & herbicides are toxins that are also proven to cause allergic reactions.  Many adults and children are reacting to foods genetically modified to resist pests and doused with endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Household chemicals are often causes of allergies.  The common chemical formaldahyde is a known carcinogen that is found in baby products, dish detergent, clothing, furniture, cleaning supplies and even ice cream!

Toxins we breathe would require a chemistry degree to understand.  Fumes from gasoline, smoke stacks, farmers spraying their crops, and cities spraying for mosquitoes have been responsible for allergic reactions.Doctor giving an injection to a patient

Vaccinations and drug related reactions are well documented.

Infections can cause allergic reactions when the central nervous system misinterprets the bacteria or virus as a threat.

People can cause allergies!  Just as a person may be allergic to a pet, people can be allergic to one another!

There are many causes of allergies, but instead of trying trying to avoid the allergen learn:

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