Miranda Pommier

NAET Practitioner

My Story

Throughout my childhood, I have been very sensitive to the world around me.  I would break out in rashes if I spent too much time in the sun, certain laundry detergents made my skin breakout in rashes, Christmas trees gave me rashes, and fresh strawberries made my throat close.  I thought every child was like me… 

Miranda Pommier

The turning point in my health was being bit by a deer tick.  A few months later I developed pneumonia.  After nine months of pneumonia I searched out why I still was not feeling better.  My primary care provider diagnosed me with a vitamin D deficiency and chronic fatigue syndrome.   

The pregnancy of my second daughter caused my body to become allergic to ragweed, then mold, then dust, then wheat, and eventually a laundry list of other foods. This life event of making another human caused my body to become confused.  The smallest dose of conventional allergy shots made me anaphylactic.  The allergist told me I was out of luck. 

By this point I put all my energy into my job leaving me exhausted for anything else.  My husband picked up all the household duties of cooking, cleaning, laundry, and caring for our two young children.  The constant brain fog made basic thinking exhausting.  The constant headache and nausea made any stressful situation debilitating.

Three years of supplements, lifestyle changes and tincture brought me from the brink of disability to a half-normal life.  At this point my energy had moderately improved, but I still felt like everything I ate and everywhere I went was trying to harm me. 

That is when I began my N.A.E.T. journey.  I felt God’s nudging.  After six months of treatments I had so much more energy I couldn’t believe it.  And after a one year of treatments, there was not pain in my abdomen and my food options expanded. 

Today I can tackle household chores, crafting projects, playing with my kids and date nights with my husband without crashing with fatigue.  God is giving me a second chance at life; he has called me to help others who were in my same shoes.

I can’t believe how clear my brain is!



I graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2007.  I have enjoyed helping to restore physical function to people’s lives.  My own struggles with health led me to NAET.  For much of my life I was the “sensitive person”.  Certain medicines, foods, laundry detergents, even the sun would make be feel ill or break out with hives.  My health conditions continued to add up including vitamin D deficiency, chronic fatigue, autoimmune, and lyme disease on top of the genetic condition Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  My life a few years ago became limited to work and the couch in my living room.  I was watching my husband and children’s lives go by.  With NAET I regained my life.  This is not by chance, but God given.  For that reason, I want to share NAET with you. 

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